How to Choose the Best Chocolate Egg for Easter

Easter means different things to different people. But there is no doubt that for many of us, it is the sight of chocolate eggs that really gets our attention!

But how do you know which one to buy? After all, there are so many different ones to choose from that it can be rather overwhelming to figure out which Easter egg to go for. The best way to make sure you get it just right is to start with who you are buying the egg for. Is it for a young child, or an adult? Is it merely a token present or will it be something special?

If you are buying a chocolate egg for a child, you will probably want to focus your attention on smaller eggs. Some are designed specifically for children and they may have other benefits to them as well. For example, some might have a game or mask - to colour in or cut out - from the back of the box.

You can often purchase children's eggs that come with other items too, such as a mug, for example. These are good because they mean the child will get to keep something long after the chocolate has been eaten - just make sure the age of the child is well matched to what you are buying.

But supposing you are buying an egg for an adult? There is a much wider selection available for adults, and some of them are based around chocolate bars that you will no doubt already be familiar with. What you could do is find out what bar the recipient likes the most, and then buy a chocolate egg which comes complete with those bars.

But of course, the most important purchase will be for your partner. This is when it is worth spending that little bit more money - some eggs might be handmade or hand finished, while others are extremely large and could last through to the summer!

Always make sure you know what your partner will appreciate though. For example, if they are passionate about a particular type of chocolate, the largest available egg in that style will be very well received. If you are stuck for ideas you could always start dropping hints ahead of time. You could also take your partner shopping and see whether they spot any eggs they particularly like the look of.

If you're really stuck then the best course of action might be to buy a range of smaller Easter eggs and wrap them all up together in a large gift basket. Either way, you will not be short of options when selecting the perfect Easter egg - if anything, you are spoilt for choice!


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